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Prevent Injuries in the Garden Gym

Gardening is a great way to keep active and reduce stress but it can be strenuous. Having a strong core and keeping flexible will make gardening more pleasurable. Some simple exercises you can do toPlanting pots help prevent gardening injury are squats, lunges and core exercises as it’s these muscles which need to be engaged (that means working) to prevent you from over-using the back.

With the gardening season well and truly upon us, here are some tips to help protect you from injury as you get gardening.

Remember….Rome wasn’t built in a day and the garden can’t be tackled in a day. Spread the tasks over days and weeks and enjoy the great garden workout.

If your symptoms persist for more than 24 hours then please call us to book an appointment. Often early osteopathy treatment can nip a problem in the bud (no pun intended!).