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Public Health – Active 10 Campaign

Active 10

Active 10

Active 10

To help combat inactivity in adults, Public Health England’s “One You” campaign began in March 2017. It aims to encourage adults to build more physical activity into their life by simply walking briskly for 10 continuous minutes or more every day.

The One You Physical Activity campaign highlights that 10 minutes of brisk walking everyday gets the heart pumping and as a result  makes people feel better, more energetic and improves mood. Over time it can also help lower the risk of serious illnesses like heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

By downloading the free Active 10 app you can monitor how much brisk walking you are currently doing. Furthermore, it tells you how much brisk walking you are currently doing, helps you to build up from just 10 minutes of exercise per day to the Chief Medical Officer’s recommended 30 minutes a day, by providing regular rewards, challenges and encouragement.

The main difference with this app to other fitness apps is the focus is to increase the heart rate and not simply to count steps or distance, as steps alone won’t get you fit.

To find out more visit the Active 10 website and then download the app today. Or why not try this fun quiz?

Osteopath’s love to help you find ways to keep healthy by making basic lifestyle changes. At Oak Tree Osteopathy we work with you to get a plan to improve any aches and pains you are experiencing. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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