Oak Tree Osteopathy Marlow

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is an established primary healthcare system of diagnosis and treatment for musculoskeletal conditions. Osteopath’s are trained pain specialists. We take a thorough case history and medical examination, to identify areas of imbalance and changes to the structure and function of the body . Osteopaths treatments are varied and can include hands on techniques including soft tissue massage, manipulation, stretching and articulation with the aim to increase joint mobility, relieve muscle spasm and enhance the blood and nerve supply to the body. Kinesiology tape is used as part of a treatment if it is appropriate.

At Oak Tree Osteopathy time is taken to understand our patient, their unique combination of symptoms, medical history and lifestyle. With this we make a diagnosis of the cause of the pain or lack of function (rather than just addressing the site of the pain) and formulate a treatment plan that will achieve the best outcome for each individual.

Osteopaths frequently work alongside other health professionals, such as GPs, nurses and midwives as well as alternative medical practitioners. Osteopathy works well to complement other medical interventions including surgery and prescribed medication. Osteopathy is one of the safest and most effective forms of treatment for musculoskeletal pain. The treatment techniques used will be chosen based on getting the best outcome and in line with the person’s wishes.

Osteopaths successfully treat many problems and are seen as experts in back pain.

Things treated by Osteopaths include:

(this list is not conclusive)
• Back and neck pain
• Nerve entrapments
• Sports injuries
• Arthritis
• Sciatica
• Joint aches and pains
• Shoulder pain
• Headaches
• Jaw pain or clicking
• Muscular problems
• Postural problems
• Referred pain
• Mechanical imbalances
• Foot and ankle pain and sprains

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